A helping hand for your book’s inscription

Book Inscription

Isn’t it lovely when you’re gifted a book and there’s a message from your pal on the inside? Something to remind you of their love and why they thought this gift was perfect for you. In fact, we love it so much that we’ve made it easy-peasy for you when it comes to giving Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride as a gift.

You’ll notice that after the inside cover, we’ve left a whole page to write your message. We’ve even given you a helping hand so all you’ll need to do is fill in the blanks.

Some of us need no help when it comes to rabbiting on with words … others of us need a little extra help, so what we’ve done below is list a few ideas that might get you thinking about the message you’d like to write your special someone when giving the book as a gift.

Enjoy and happy writing.

To my dearest _____,

… Hmmm, we hope you won’t need a hand with this one. Just pop their name in.

As your _____

  • sister
  • bestie
  • mum
  • concerned employer
  • guardian angel
  • hubby-to-be
  • bridesmaid
  • agony aunt

I know you’re the kind of gal who’s _____

  • organised (or maybe disorganised)
  • a perfectionist
  • beautiful
  • thoughtful

Which is why you’ll make the most ______ bride

  • beautiful
  • gorgeous
  • awesome
  • breathtaking

Since _____.

  • Princess Kate
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Grace Kelly
  • … or if you’ve been married – Me!

This book is a little something to help you stay balanced, get organised and most importantly, be _____ excited

  • very
  • super
  • ridiculously
  • tray

Love you more than _____

  • a teddy bear loves cuddles
  • you could ever imagine
  • back-to-back episodes of Veep
  • icecream on a winter’s day

From _____

… Again, we think you’ll have this one covered. :)

And what if you’ve bought the book for yourself?

As you’ll read in Secret #1, The ‘I’ in wedding, one of the most important relationships you’ll need to manage in the lead-up to your wedding is the relationship you have with yourself. So if you’ve bought Sixty Secrets for yourself, you can still write yourself a little note at the start. A reminder that you’re going to be kind to yourself during the wedding planning process.