Sixty Secrets is all about sharing practical advice, resources and gifts for life’s major milestones. Author Alex (Lee) Miles is chuffed to bring you the book, Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride. And there are plenty of people to thank for bringing it to life.


The people behind the scenes

A huge thank you to all those who shared their wisdom and horror stories, offered their support and patiently read early drafts, in particular Kyha Simpson from One Day Bridal, Rachel Miles from Milo & Co, Veronica Milsom, Matthew Cutler and ... read more

Sixty Secrets

The book, For a Happy Bride

Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride is the perfect treat to help any bride stay balanced, get organised and, most importantly, be excited in the lead-up to getting hitched. Synopsis Once upon a time, a mysterious someone walked into a girl’s ... read more

Sixty secrets_Alex Miles

The author, Alex Miles

Since publishing her first play at age seventeen, Melbourne-based writer Alex (Lee) Miles has worked across theatre, television and advertising, and under the alluring penname H.I. Larry for eight children’s books in the Zac Power series. She imparted her wedding ... read more