The people behind the scenes

A huge thank you to all those who shared their wisdom and horror stories, offered their support and patiently read early drafts, in particular Kyha Simpson from One Day Bridal, Rachel Miles from Milo & Co, Veronica Milsom, Matthew Cutler and Bel Rowntree.

Thanks, too, to Sophie Viska from Viska Paper, Ed Thomson from Ed Dixon Food Design, Nick Rieve and Peter Thornley from The White Tree, Katie Harmsworth from Love Sarah + Katie, Zoë Foster Blake, Mel Cutler, Alisia Ristevski, Lachie Watson from Oscar Hunt, Prue Wittison, Mary-Helen McIlroy, Niki Hillier and Kerstin Johnson, and for the cultural insights from Rabbi Dovid Gutnick, Mithila Gupta, Natalie Pryles and Asma Harrouk.

To Kate Goldsworthy and Karen van Wieringen as well as the team at Affirm Press – thank you. And most importantly, to my family, and my favourite man on the planet, Paul Miles – I love you dearly. Without the guidance, advice and support from all of these wonderful humans, these secrets could not have been shared.

For the wonderful website

A ginormous thank you goes to the talented Cam Lee and Sanjay Hadiya for their monster efforts in bringing this site to life. We’re so very greateful for your inspired design, sweet-as dev skills and for managing the whole process so smoothly, especially given the tight time-frame. Here’s cheers.