The book, For a Happy Bride

Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride is the perfect treat to help any bride stay balanced, get organised and, most importantly, be excited in the lead-up to getting hitched.


Once upon a time, a mysterious someone walked into a girl’s life. And, after apologising for their clumsiness, they discovered a shared love for the important things in life – like trawling YouTube for cat videos.

The question was popped, and the reply was a big whopping YES! It’s a familiar tale but what the storybooks don’t reveal is the panic that usually ensues.

Every wedding is different. Every couple is different. Every budget, family dynamic and set of expectations is bound to be different. So while I can’t whip up an encyclopedic spreadsheet that every bride must follow, we can strip things back to what really matters: Relationships, Preparation, Budget, Event Styling, Personal Styling, Ceremony, ReceptionMemories and Life Beyond.

So for all the lovers out there – or the stressers or the don’t-know-where-to-starters or the I’m-going-to-vomit-if-I-read-another-blog-about-DIY-mason-jar-ers – I’ve compiled 60 secrets just for you. The pearls of wisdom I’ve learnt along the way, or wish I’d been told before we got started.

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The creators

Alex Miles, author & creator

Melbourne-based writer Alex (Lee) Miles has worked across theatre, television and advertising, and under the alluring penname H.I. Larry for eight children’s books in the Zac Power series.

While Alex enjoyed the wedding-planning process in 2013, as a self-confessed worry-wart she surprised herself by being relaxed on the day itself. Two years on, she’s divorced … not really. She’s settling down to start a family with husband Paul, who lovingly tolerates her passion for colour-coded spreadsheets.

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Karen Van Wieringen, designer

Melbourne-based graphic designer, illustrator and art director Karen van Wieringen has been designing beautiful things for nearly 10 years. She worked in studios and freelanced in Australia and London until 2012, when she started her own creative agency, Taloula Press, which specialised in personal, hand-created experiences.

In 2014, Karen moved into book publishing, joining the Affirm Press team as Art Director. She has brought her passion for design, fine detail and everything handmade to the book world.